SARN, A Complete IT Solution house, is endowed with an extrasensory perception and foresight to understand and fulfill the dynamic demands of the IT industry everywhere and anywhere in INDIA.
Today, SARN has registered its powerful presence in almost all the sectors by providing IT solutions at competitive prices with no compromise in quality of service in other words an unmatched service experience.

Our primary objective is to maintain stringent service policies accompanied with a vision to excel in customer satisfaction.

We have offices/partners based in Hong kong, Singapore as well as Dubai thus enabling us to offer a wider spectrum of the latest IT products/services at extremely competitive prices.

Our primary policy amongst many of the governing policies is “commitments” .
At SARN we believe in delivering products/services timely as  well as with 100% accuracy. That is the product/services ordered meets the customers specifications, any changes to the product specs will only be done by prior customer approvals, this may happen in an event where product availability is an issue or a higher specification of the product ordered can be offered at the same price or at a minimal difference.

Keeping these things in mind, We look forward to establishing an effective supply chain management of IT products and services PAN INDIA.


SARN offers a variety of leasing/renting solutions with tech support both onsite and remotely.

We offer customized solutions ideal for events such as CCTV surviellance systems.etc